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Clear the way to making great decions

Creating Options and Making Important Decisions

We make simple mundane decisions everyday, subconsciously and without thinking about the options as the consequence can be relatively low risk.  

However, more often than we acknowledge, we are presented with important decisions and dilemmas that challenge us and that will have significant impact on ourselves and others. It is these that we struggle with the most and tend to put off.

Why is this?

Some questions to ask yourself.

  • Have you considered all the options?
  • Have you explored all the possibilities?
  • Have you made time to work through the scenarios?

As your coach, my role is to work alongside you to help you identify and explore each of the possible alternatives.

Together we will examine the basis of your assumptions and the taken for granted perceptions that influence your thought process.

Ultimately the decision is yours. Take it from a position of strength having paid it the respect it deserves.

I can assure you that you are not alone and I have made it as easy to get started as I possibly can.

Stepping Stones

Free your thinking

Easing mind cramp that occurs when we are confronted with difficult decisions and  blocks in our thinking.

Explore the unexplored

Thinking creatively to generate new and previously hidden options will open up new ways of approaching the challenge.


Build confidence in your capacity to make valuable decisions based on experience and a balanced view.