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The Value of Authenticity

Will drawing on your authentic self lead to a better life experience?


Authenticity is the foundation of what keeps you true to living the life you strive forIt is the deep and meaningful measure that keeps you accountable and proves to you that you are on the right track. When it works for you in this way it has a very powerful impact. When you are not living an authentic life, you have a sense of unease about you, it works against you and can be highly disruptive. Being constantly connected with your authenticity requires continued vigilance and a proactive practice of your values and beliefs. Isn’t it? 

One of the positive ways I have been able to apply myself during the current crisis is that I have been able to devote more time to delve deeper into some of the concepts that cross over between psychology and coaching. Actively using the time that has become unexpectedly available to me, I have reflected on topics that relate directly to individual identity and sense of self, helping me to focus on what being a coach might mean to potential clients who are curious in its application, and what coaching myself has unveiled for me personally.  

Much of what I do is working with people to help them connect with their own sense of authenticitythe connection we have with the underlying values and principles that contribute to our character, identity and a sense of self which, we hope, reflect our honest intentions to others and that will positively direct and influence our journey.  

Coaching often considers the phenomenon of self-sabotage, the subconscious or conscious way people can get in the way of themselveshow they can run interference in their own lives in some way, building self -imposed obstacles that provide readymade excuses as to why they are achieving their aspirations. This phenomenon can also be the conscious or unconscious dismissal, or the refusal, to recognise readily available routes to success that give them access to living the lives they wish for. 

It’s good to know this. Now we can do something about it! 

I suggest that the potential for such self-sabotage stems from an emotional fight we have with ourselves over setting priorities and identifying valuesStruggling to get to grips with these foundations can ultimately lead to unresolved frustration stemming from a disconnect from our own authenticity. This conflict is present in our lives because of sense of friction between the reality of the way we are living our lives now and the inherent values and beliefs we hold deep withinIf this sense of turmoil and imbalance is left unattended to, such a disconnect can lead to dissolution, blind acceptance and even destruction. Whichever way you experience it, this disconnect can lead to a sense of underachievement or feeling unfulfilled. That there is “more to life”.  

There is a sure-fire way to reconnect! 

Now imagine what you will achieve when you learn how to isolate and activate your untapped resources, when your priorities, values and beliefs begin to work in harmony for youWhen you start to naturally live your authentic life, when the turmoil subsides and is replaced with joy, you will savour your true life. 

Working out what makes you ‘tick’ will radically improve your relationship with yourself. Living an authentic life will improve relations with others and free you from the turmoil and conflict you have been experiencing, clearing the way for you to focus on what really matters to you.  

When this ‘light bulb’ moment happens there is a strong feeling of realisation and freedom. Once you discover, connect and accept your sense of self, your authenticity will shine through. This is when your foundations are complete, and you can really start to work on the rest of your remarkable journey.  

During our successful coaching sessions, we invest time together to establish strong foundations from which you launch your remarkable journey. Much of what I do as a coach is to give you the space to help you discover and connect with the strengths you inherently embody in the form of values and beliefs. We work together to establish what authenticity means to you and to harness the power. 

What is life coaching?

Life coaching is about getting you from where you are now to where you want to be – more effectively than if you went it alone. Your coaching experience is designed to be inspiring, rewarding, motivating, though provoking stimulating and energising. 

Life coaching promotes exploration of your aspirations, helps you validate your priorities, inspires action drawing on powerful resources to keep you focussed, passionate and accountable.